I am Krishna Babani, 15 years old Swift Coder and iOS Developer. I build applications for almost all the Apple products. I started my journey in 2011, today I play with almost all the developing tools and technology that Apple announces. I am not stopping here, design is too my passion. I create designs using Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate and Corel Draw. For me, design and development both are necessary because to make the app or web nice and rich, design is must and of course development is necessary too to build applications and websites.
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I like to spend my time into coding and designing. I sometimes even play games on PlayStation 4 to take a break. Weekends are spent into projects that I work upon and also in practicing Swift.
I love to implement what I think into designs. I create cartoon characters, banners, posters, visiting card, etc. and edit photos in Photoshop, it's just fun to use all the designing tools and create something new that nobody has ever thought about. I also keep on searching new tools and much easier techniques to create in short period of time.
I love developing something on Xcode with help of Swift. Swift is much easier and modern computer language, I love building Swift Playgrounds which is just for practicing and to create something extraordinary. I also work upon development tools that Apple announces in WWDC events, like ARKit, MLKit, ClassroomKit and lot more.

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